The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music: is a 125 year old institution. Transforming lives and building community through the expressive, educational and therapeutic powers of music. Their website, logo and over-all branding needed an overhaul. They were stuck in the 90’s. Connecting Dots Guru won the job to re-brand them and I was lucky enough to be a partner in the process. I met with company artistic director Moises Kaufman and listened intently to his love for 1940’s Russian and German Bauhaus design. For me to design a logo with these influences was a dream come true. This juxtaposed against the name “TECTONIC” — how could I not think of shifting plates? Together with Sue at Connecting Dots Guru, we started with sketches and 1940’s constructivist-inspired forms that would create the impact we were searching for. Like all projects, this was a journey of research, drawing, sketching, and designing–ultimately ending in very cinematic logo and website.