YAS is led by founder Jeff Yas. Jeff is a senior graphic artist with extensive NYC agency experience. Jeff is a tr-i-fecta of talent: he has the vision of an artist, the ingenuity of a software specialist and the ear of a listener. Drawing on a background in Anthropology, Jeff has a unique way of translating stories into visual presentations that really speak to their intended audience. Guided by the creative brief and strategic research, Jeff sketches, storyboards and creates presentation mock-ups. He consistently strives to find perfect color combinations, balanced layouts and refined typography. Jeff is an empathetic and perceptive communicator, with a sense of humor and humility. He is inspired by the incredible ideas of his clients, helping them to focus on their core story and target demographic.  Jeff resides in Brooklyn with his wife, two kids and is a passionate musician which feeds into his ability to translate art in many forms.