My name is Jeff Yas and I am a brand identity designer based in Brooklyn, New York. I specialize in creating bold and colorful visuals that create engaging user experiences.


Hello there. My name is Jeff Yas, a senior graphic artist and Adobe expert. I build powerful brand identities comprised of logos, custom color palettes, style guides, powerpoint templates, letterhead, websites, and social media. My philosophy for every project can be expressed with one word: REACH. I want your story to reach the widest possible audience, removing barriers and increasing access. Everyone should feel included in your message.

My started in Anthropology, and I see design as a language, comprised of color combinations, typographic treatments, layout compositions and graphic styles. With my creativity, experience and knowledge of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and Wordpress, there is nowhere your brand can’t go. Onward!


We start with no destination and get you where you need to be.


An effective logo instantly communicates an idea. It also expresses the unique quality of the business. Starting with the first sketch, YAS finds the perfect scale, color palette and typeface to express your brand story and engage your audience visually.


Websites that tell your brand story with the power of art. Style is never compromised for the sake of function. Copywriting, design & development in one easy package, ensuring every site is responsive, easy to manage, user-friendly and SEO optimized.


Using the logo and website as a foundation, YAS weaves together your media channels into into a modern, consistent brand style. Custom marketing plans weave together social media, email, blog posts, SEO, print media, business cards, event staging & promotional products.



My goal is always to find a core message and build it into a simple, engaging visual story. It starts with a pencil, a sketch, a story line and then the building begins. Like a piece of great architecture, I start at ground level and build our way up through many levels of artistic construction. The visual chemistry of color and typeface instantly gives each project a heart, that tells a story. Click on the images below to follow my step by step process of design.


eyes wide open

I draw inspiration from many sources, but a few stand out. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, art and architecture masterfully demonstrate the storytelling power of design. I am inspired daily by buildings, objects, nature, lines within my urban landscape. From Basquiat to Banksy, I am forever inspired and the most complex design can be born out of the most simple things in life.


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